RiRe Real Nature Pearl Extract Mask Pack | Nourishes and Hydrates Skin Giving Brighter, Smoother, and Radiant Looking Skin | 1pc Per Pack

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A luxuriously hydrating and brightening sheet with pearl extracts can transform your dull and dry skin into its glowy and radiant form.

This amazing sheet by RiRe has created an effective solution to combat dry and inelastic skin by providing well-formulated ingredients. The sheets are infused with hydrating 1,000 ppm of pearl extracts, aloe, green tea, witch hazel, and cucumber extracts for a deep hydrating solution.  

The Real Nature Mask Pack guarantees to improve the firmness and smoothness of the skin. The 1,000 pearl extracts along with niacinamide help whiten skin while green tea and other calming essences can boost moisture and hydration. Give your skin a relaxing experience with a great refreshing scent. 

Did you know that pearl extract also contains powerful antioxidants? 

Pearl extract is categorized as an antioxidant that contains amino acids and is rich in calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that play a vital role in skin health.

What can pearl extract do to your skin?

Using products that contain pearl extract can give great skin benefits. It can provide healthy youthful-looking skin because of its soothing and hydrating effects. Pearl extracts can also slow down the skin aging process with the support of cell regeneration that prevents the skin from sagging and developing wrinkles. It can also help with acne problems since pearl extract contains many nutrients that are essential to skin health by restoring skin balance while reducing redness and blemishes. 


  1. 20 types of compulsory Amino acid and Minerals
  2. Immediate moisture supplement
  3. Calming extract
  4. Contains Niacinamide which may help ease redness acne and other inflammatory skin conditions
  5. Fast skin absorbent

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