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Having great skin is a result of a good habit. It's not just about genetics, but also a nice daily skincare routine. A healthy breakfast and a quick workout can give positive effects on your skin but don't forget that maintaining a skin routine will definitely give an awesome result before you start your day on the monitor. Here's a quick and efficient guide for those who are working from home.


Even if you are working from home, you should still be doing your cleansing routine. Find a gentle and non-stripping facial cleanser that works with your skin type. Cleansing removes oil, dirt, and other impurities.

How often to cleanse?

Generally, go for cleansing once in the morning routine and once in your evening routine. Remember that excessive cleansing can lead to skin irritation. 


Keep your morning skincare routine as quick and efficient as possible. An exfoliating toner can squeeze two skincare steps into one. This will help balance your skin's pH level while working so you have less chance of irritation, breakouts, and dark spots.

When to apply toner?

Apply toner right after you cleanse your face. Cleanse your face to remove impurities. Rinse well, then dry your face before applying toner.


Working from home does not make you safe from the harmful blue light from spending too much time in front of a screen that may cause hyperpigmentation on the face. There are various products like serums with antioxidant protection like vitamin C and niacinamide that also help fade dark spots.

What is a serum?

Serums are known for their ability to penetrate the skin delivering powerful ingredients that specifically target skin concerns.


Apply a thin layer of moisturizer for extra hydration. We recommend the Wrinkle Bounce Collagen Moisturizing Mist by KAHI. An ampoule mist that contains salmon collagen extract and hyaluronic acid that helps firm and moisturizes the skin to reduce the signs of aging. 

How to apply moisturizer?

Use your fingers to dab and spread moisturizer into the skin using a swirling motion.  Wait for the moisturizer to dry before applying makeup.


Even if you are working indoors, it doesn't mean you are 100% protected from the harmful effects of sun exposure. UVA can still penetrate the glass windows in your home, so wear some sunscreen with at least an SPF 30. Some sunscreens have formulas that can help protect your skin from blue light, too, like the Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Essential Sun Cream. KAHI also has the Wrinkle Bounce Balm which is recommended for skin that is suffering from excessive dryness. The Wrinkle Bounce Balm gained eminence thanks to its positive reviews and effectiveness due to three ingredients: salmon collagen, salmon PDRN, and salmon proteoglycan. These three salmon collagens are known to give critical nourishment to the skin needs. It also has anti-blue light blocking technology and is infused with Jeju-origin fermented oil for a skin whitening effect. While we would recommend you wear sunscreen and apply it after moisturizing, we get it, it feels weird to wear it in the house but don’t worry, you can use vitamin C serum as an alternative. 

Reasons why you should wear sunscreen: 

-Prevent fine lines and wrinkles

-Prevent skin discoloration

-Skin cancer is rising and sunscreen has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer

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