Morning Skincare Summertime Playlist

Sometimes a morning skincare routine can be a little lengthy. Though we all want to make sure we put in the time to give our skin the love and nourishment it deserves, sometimes we just need a little music to put us into the groove for our morning skincare routine to bloom.

I’ve created a little playlist with some fun feel good summer jams to help you get through that morning skincare routine. 

 Morning Skincare Playlist

Asian Beauty Essentials Spotify 

You can listen to some Dua Lipa or Doja Cat while you cleanse that beautiful face with water or a cleanser. Though do know that a cleanser is not necessary in the morning!

Maybe you’ll move on to Ariana Grande or Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar”  while applying toner and essence, on your way toward “that summer feelin’”! Toner and Essence will hydrate both the outside and inner layers of your skin.

While applying ampoule and serum, maybe Ritt Mommey or The Weekend will come on while the ampoule and serum helps with dark spots and issues within your skin. 

Don’t forget eye cream is next while maybe some electric feeling music from MGMT will come on as you make sure all areas of the face get moisture. 

Get on Cloud 9 with Beach Bunny while you apply moisturizer and stay in the cloud while moisturizer maximizes all day skin softness and moisture. 

End your morning skincare routine feeling good as hell while you apply sunscreen which is so important especially in the coming summer months with Lizzo’s feel good “Good as Hell” then step into the day!! 

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