PM Skincare Routines Explained

Doing skincare right before your bedtime might be the last thing you want after a long busy day, however, taking care of your skin at night is an important part of a routine in keeping your skin healthy, clear, and glowing. But there will always be days when we just feel so lazy and tired of making extra effort in doing our skincare routine. So let's dig a little deeper on the importance those extra minutes can do for your evening skincare routine. 

Doing your PM routine will not just give you gorgeous skin when you wake up but also repair your skin from the damage it had from pollutants and impurities. Remember that you don't have to wait until bedtime to do your skincare. You can start as early as 7pm or 8pm with your routine! 

While it may be convenient to use the same facial products for all your skincare routine, it should never be the case for your evening routine. Compared to your AM routine, PM skincare focuses on deep cleansing and nourishment. A good evening skincare routine can help your skin repair itself and can slow down the skin's aging process if done right. 

Did you know that your skin does most of its healing while you sleep? The evening is a great time to put all those active ingredients to help your skin repair its damage from daily activities. 

A few basic steps can go a long way.. 

  1. Cleanse using a mild cleanser - Always wash your face with a cleanser even if you don't wear makeup. The cleanser removes dirt and other debris caused by environmental pollutants. Your evening routine might even require you to double-cleanse if you wear heavy makeup, wear SPF, or if you have oily skin.

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  1. Toner - Removes any traces of dirt and impurities left in your face after you cleanse. Adding a toner to your routine can have a great impact on your appearance as it smoothens and improves your skin tone. We recommend using this rose galactomyces essential toner from iUNIK (a perfect combination for your rose serum) that gives moisture and radiance booster especially if you have dehydrated and sensitive skin.

  1. Apply a nourishing serum  - Nighttime is the perfect time to apply products that contain active ingredients such as serum. Try this three-in-one serum from iUNIK’s Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum that helps hydrate your skin while also offering brightening and sebum control benefits. Use regularly to achieve radiant and glowing skin.

  1. Invest in an eye cream - Your skin around your eyes is fragile which means that it is highly exposed to pollutants. Add an eye cream to pamper the skin around your eyes and make your eyes feel fabulous. 

[insert image about dark rings under the eye and promote Elizavecca eye cream]

If you suffer from dark rings around your eyes, we recommend the Elizavecca eye cream. It’s potent but gentle formula uses collagen to repair the skin and brighten it so that you clear up those dark rings.

  1. Choose a great moisturizer - Just like your morning routine, always finish your evening routine with a rich moisturizer that deeply penetrates into your skin. You can also use a sleeping mask like the Yuja Niacin Sleeping Mask by Some By Mi. This multifunctional sleeping mask is formulated with Yuja extract to help achieve radiant and youthful skin overnight.

Each of these products have specific roles to your skincare routine and when used together can help give a healthier, glowing, and great skin condition. So the next time you feel like skipping your routine, think of how much your skin can work for you while you sleep - so you can wake up with all the benefits of a quick 4-5 minutes spent on getting your face ready to heal itself with some awesome products from Asian Beauty Essentials

Bonus tips: Aside from keeping your face clean, make it a habit to change your pillowcase frequently. Make sure to get enough sleep as it offers great benefits to your skin, too. 

If you are not sure which products to use for your nighttime skincare routine, check this blog here and see if you can find the right product for your skin type. Taking care of your skin may be overwhelming after a long day, but once you slowly incorporate these tips into your nightly routine then you will be ready to see the benefits of your little sacrifice.

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