Stop And Smell The Roses - 3 Step Brightening Kit

Stop And Smell The Roses - 3 Step Brightening Kit

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This set is a simple and efficient skincare routine featuring roses that is ideal for those with sensitive and oily skin or with combination skin where your T-zone is oily and your cheeks are dry. 

If you tend to have occasional redness, excess sebum (aka excessively oily or greasy skin) then this kit is for you! The rose water used in this product provides more hydration than purified water while also providing a light fragrant experience for a spa-like start to your day. 

The three full sized products featured in this rose collection by iUNIK are:

Save 12.5% off all three products when you purchase this rose skincare bundle as compared to buying them all individually.

Reduce or eliminate sheen on your face with these three full-sized products from iUNIK. Rebalance your skin, eliminate impurities and seasonal stressors, while controlling your sebum production and reducing your pore sizes. 

Did you know that when your face overproduces oil, your pores can be so clogged that you're actually dehydrating your face? While many think that if your skin is oily or greasy you will not need moisturizers, it's in fact the opposite!

Your face is craving hydration and is potentially drowning in impurities and your oversized pores are producing excess oil and sebum preventing your skin from receiving its much needed moisture.

These three products help absorb the oil and sebum your skin naturally produces while balancing and soothing your skin to provide a calming effect that reduces redness, hydrates, and controls your pores so that you can glow with clearer skin. 

Benefits of Featured Natural Ingredients:

  • Galactomyces Ferment supports your skin's moisture barrier for smooth skin
  • Rose water, when compared to purified water can provide double the hydration in these products 

Benefits of Patented Ingredients:

  • BSGG Complex (mixed grain of rice, barley, and oats extracts) nourishes your skin and protects it against photoaging 
  • Resmelin Complex - these herbal extracts are patented for brightening, soothing, and antioxidant benefits
  • Niacinamide & Adeoncine - these ingredients help brighten your skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles 

This kit is great for when:

  • You want to reduce your skin's redness and lighten your skin
  • You're in a hurry and are looking for a quick and bright face before you apply your makeup 
  • You're looking to glow naturally with a balanced skin tone
  • You're concerned about sebum overproduction and larger pores
  • You have oily T-zones and dry cheeks
  • You want your skin to be clear with a bright skin tone
  • You're looking to clean up your skin and reduce excess residue left on your skin after cleansing 

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