Juicy Lasting Tint (08 Apple Brown)

Juicy Lasting Tint (08 Apple Brown) | The #1 Fall Color: A Pop Of Red With Hints of Brown

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Achieve plumpness on your lips with this warm red lip tint with hints of golden brown from this Apple Brown Lip Tint. This glossy tint is a long-lasting goodie inspired by ripened autumn fruits. 

💋 Clear and syrupy finish that will make your pout look juicy and plump

💋 Non-sticky, lightweight formula that won’t fade or smudge

💋 Candy-coated gloss packed with kiwi, papaya, and coconut extracts to prevent dryness


ROM&ND is a K-beauty brand that was launched in 2016 in collaboration with the popular Korean beauty creator, Saerom Min, mostly known as Gaeko. Its parent company, iFamily SC recruited the YouTube star as a brand executive, so she was involved in the project from the beginning. In fact, part of the brand’s name is derived from her own name, SaeROM.

This forward-thinking company collaborates with popular beauty influencers to create products and content that reflect customer needs. Understanding that their target of the brand is millennials and Gen Zs, they use big social media ambassadors to promote their products and always be on the pulse of what's trending in the world of beauty.

Currently, the brand has an e-commerce store exclusively for Korea and one for the USA, also known as ROM&ND USA

They offer a wide range of cosmetics items that are sure to give you the flawless complexion you've always wanted. From foundation to lips tints, ROM&ND has everything you need to create a buzzworthy makeup look.

Their most famous products include:

- The Juicy Lasting Tint Ripe Fruits Series - The Han All Series - The See-Through Eyes Series

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