A'Pieu Chocolate Milk Face Sheet Mask | Exfoliates and Hydrates, Removing Dead Skin Cells for Soft and Supple Skin | Single Mask

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Experience the amazing and smoothing benefits of milk! Rich with moisturizing nutrients and minerals to brighten and smooth your skin.

Easily achieve a brilliant shine and a renewed fresh feeling on your skin when you drench your skin in chocolate milk. The gentle ingredients remove your dead skin cells and hydrates like none other.

This is a great sheet mask especially for those with sensitive skin. 

A'Pieu Milk Face Sheet Masks are a very popular Korean Face Sheet brand that comes in a variety of flavors. 

The Chocolate Milk pack is popular because it was designed to pack your skin with the essential nutrients to achieve a brighter and smoother complexion. Feel the magic of the gentle ingredients that will leave your face glowing and with regenerated skin that's soft like a baby.

Exfoliate with chocolate and hydrate with milk for soft and supple skin. 

What the Ingredients in the A'Pieu Chocolate Face Mask Do:

This face sheet mask was formulated with Cocoa Extract to help gently remove dead skin cells and achieve smoother and even skin. 

The Soft Milk Extract helps you get ultimate hydration on your face by creating a moisture barrier to lock in the moisture.

Are these ingredients safe for you?

All of the A'Pieu products are hypoallergenic and free from parabens, GMO, triclosan, benzophenone, and mineral oil which is why the chocolate milk face sheet mask is suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

What does the Air Pocket fiber do?

The fiber softly hugs on your facial curves and contours while it effectively absorbs and delivers essence to your skin.

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