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Is your skincare routine starting to feel a bit...dry? Well, worry no more! Face moisturizers are here to help you get the dewy, soft look you've been longing for.

But before you pick up any old tub of pricey lotion from the store, it's important to know what does a moisturizer do and why it's the key to helping you keep your complexion looking healthy and vibrant. 

Who doesn't want skin softer than a baby's bottom and without any skin concerns? So come along with us as we explore just what exactly makes a moisturizer so special!

We guarantee there'll be something new that even experienced skincare enthusiasts can learn!

Why is it important to moisturize your face?

The skin undergoes a natural aging process. Over the years, the sebaceous glands, responsible for lubricating and protecting the skin, decrease their performance. We also stop producing collagen, the protein that provides skin’s elasticity. The result is a complexion that looks dull and flabby.

In this sense, including a moisturizer in your skincare routine is like the cherry on top of an already indulgent sundae. Complete facial hydration will help delay the symptoms of aging, helping to maintain healthy, glowy, and younger skin for a long time. With a moisturizer, you will recover optimal water levels and it will provide you with the vitamins and proteins you need to prolong the youth of your face.

Additionally, the moisturizer acts as a barrier between the elements (hello harsh winter winds!) and your skin. This helps to keep your skin protected from external factors that can accelerate aging, dehydrate your complexion, and irritate sensitive skin.

5 benefits of face moisturizer you’re totally gonna love

Your skin is the foundation of your whole look, it's like the canvas for your face. So, if you're not taking care of it, your appearance is going to suffer. That's where a face moisturizer comes in, it's an essential step in any skincare routine for all skin types *even those that are on the oilier side*.

Here are our favorite benefits of face moisturizer: 

1. Balances the water levels of your face, strengthening the skin barrier.

When the skin becomes dehydrated, it hardens and a feeling of discomfort and tightness appears. If dryness increases further, the stratum corneum *aka the outermost layer of the epidermis* loses its barrier quality. As a consequence, the skin becomes thicker and more prone to cracking and flaking.

Good hydration will balance your moisture levels, soothe skin, and strengthen your skin barrier appears to avoid moisture loss. This also helps the more delicate and fine areas of your skin to be protected from external agents, such as the weather, pollution, and even makeup.

2. Prevents dryness

Supple skin doesn't just happen on its own, it takes the right combination of effort and moisturizer! 

The origin of dry skin is *you guessed it* lack of hydration. For example, in summer with excess sun, and in winter with the cold, it is common for many people to suffer from dry skin. However, those that have naturally dry skin can suffer from this skincare concern during the whole year if they don’t take care of their complexion. 

To avoid the effects of dryness, which can go from wrinkles and fine lines to itchy and irritated skin, it’s important to include a cream or gel moisturizer that has ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, which absorb water from the atmosphere into your skin and keep it there. These ingredients work by creating a seal on the surface of the skin barrier that prevents water from escaping. They also make the skin feel smoother and less dry.

Taking this into account, it is important to bear in mind that moisturizers are a must for all skin types with no exception. Those with oily, combination, or acne-prone skin can include a gel-cream formula that will moisturize their face without making their skin look shinier. On the other hand, those with dry skin should add a nourishing moisturizing cream with oils and balms with plenty of fatty acids to help their skin recover hydration levels and retain moisture. Finally, those with sensitive skin can use both creamy and gelly formulas as long as they are formulated for their skin type.

3. Keeps imperfections at bay

For those looking to beat the odds and keep their face looking younger and spotless, facial moisturizer can be a key part of your skincare routine. 

Not only does face moisturizer make your skin feel nice and soft, but also it can help you avoid imperfections, such as blemishes and age spots, from showing up on your face. 

In addition, face moisturizers protect the face from environmental factors that could contribute to the appearance of imperfections. In this sense, there are many nasties in the environment that can damage the skin and cause premature aging, dark spots, oily skin, and even acne. Since moisturizers work as shields, they will keep imperfections at bay.

4. Delays aging

Wrinkles take longer to appear on hydrated skin.

Premature aging of the skin can also be caused by a lack of hydration. If the skin does not have adequate water levels, it will become weak and dry and lose collagen and elastin *aka the two proteins that keep your skin looking young*, causing the aging process to accelerate. Moisturizing your skin will improve skin texture and skin elasticity, preventing aging signs. So, a moisturizer for face will give you youthful-looking skin besides a healthy glow. It will even smooth fine lines if they already started to appear.

Aging is inevitable, but mature skin doesn't have to look and feel its age!

5. Provides lightness and softness

Who doesn’t want soft and light skin?  Face moisturizers provide both lightness and softness to all skin types, even for very dry skin. So, you can put your best face forward by having skin that looks youthful and vibrant. 

When moisturizers are used regularly, the result is skin that radiates energy and exudes confidence! Moisturizers help to keep skin healthy throughout the day, so whether you’re already feeling energized or wanting to recharge, moisturizers can help give your skin the ultimate boost.

How to moisturize face correctly?

Moisturizing your face correctly is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. 

Imagine that your face is like a garden, it needs serious hydration in order to bloom and look its best. However, moisturizing incorrectly can have unpleasant effects, from dryness to breakouts! 

In order for skin hydration to be as effective as possible, you must follow a few simple steps in your daily skin care routine: 

1. Cleanse your face

Cleansing your face before moisturizing is like washing the dishes before you cook. Sure, it might sound dull, but it’s an important step in ensuring that your skin is healthy and looks its best! When you cleanse your face, you’re removing dirt, impurities, and oils that can clog up your pores and get in the way of allowing the moisturizer to really do its job. Additionally, cleansing can give you balanced skin, which is amazing for those with oily complexions, since it removes excess oils.

Without first removing debris from the surface of your skin, all you would be doing is trapping bacteria inside and making it more difficult for moisture to penetrate. Plus, cleansing can help your skin retain moisture and even help you hydrate your complexion if you pick oil-based cleansers or water-based cleansers that have moisturizing ingredients like honey and Centella Asiatica. 

So if you want glowing, hydrated skin - start with a clean slate!

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2. Tone

Toning your face pre-moisturizer helps close up the pores and maintains pH balance, resulting in a fresher, cleaner complexion. Plus, it also prepares your skin so that it can fully absorb the nourishing ingredients from the moisturizer. That's why experts are always encouraging us to tone our faces first before applying anything else; we need those clean foundations first!

There are exfoliating, treatment, and hydrating toners that you can include in your routine. In fact, we have a curated collection of toners for any skin type, so click here to check them out. 

3. Apply your favorite serum

Facial serums, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or niacinamide serums, are very highly concentrated active formulas that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. 

This step is not essential, but it will do wonders for your complexion. Since serums are more concentrated in active ingredients than other skincare products, they will inject your complexion with nourishment, hydration, and many nutrients that will help to smooth, soothe, and moisturize your skin. 

Massage 2-3 drops of the serum into your hands and pat it all over your face.

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4. Moisturize

Now it is time to apply your favorite moisturizer. This step won’t only hydrate your complexion as its name suggests, but it will also seal the nutrients and goodies delivered by the other skincare products you’ve applied. 

It is important that you moisturize your face during your morning and nighttime routines so you can keep your face hydrated and far away from developing any crackiness, itchiness, breakouts, wrinkles, or fine lines. 

5. Protect

We always say this, but we will say it one more time: sunscreen is a MUST. Using sunscreen daily not only will protect your skin from UV radiation, but also prevents oxidation and dryness caused by free radicals. 

Sunscreen, regardless of the time of year and the type of weather you live in, is the most effective step to prevent the signs of aging on your skin. Plus, by protecting your skin from pollution, it can also help to prevent moisture loss.

A good sunscreen should include goodies such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

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How does moisturizer work?

Moisturizer not only hydrates skin. 

The power of moisturizer lies in its unique ability to soothe and renew skin. When applied to the face, it forms a thin layer that works to lock in moisture while calming irritations and fostering even skin tone. The result is a feeling of refreshed softness that not only makes your skin better, but also soothes the complexion at a deeper level. Whether used in body lotions or facial creams, proper moisturizing can make all the difference when it comes to skin feeling less irritated, softened, and rejuvenated. 

But, did you know that a moisturizer can act in 3 different ways? Keep reading to find out!


An occlusive moisturizer is like a forcefield for your skin! It's packed with heavy-duty oil-based ingredients to trap moisture, prevent water evaporation, and leave you feeling like you're sealed off from the negative effects of the environment. Whether it's dry heat or cold weather outside, an occlusive moisturizer can help keep your skin hydrated and comfortable all day long. 


A hydrating moisturizer is a holy grail product for anyone who is looking for their skin hydration dreams to come true! Formulated to target dryness and infuse thirsty cells with nourishing hydration, these lightweight lotions can create a veritable feast for your epidermis and keep it looking fabulously glowing and healthy. 


Generally composed of natural ingredients like shea butter and beeswax, emollients effectively form a protective barrier that locks in moisture while restoring the protective outer layer of your skin. Plus, they provide comfort and relief from irritation due to their calming effects often derived from organic essential oils like lavender or chamomile. 

How often should you moisturize your face?

Moisturizing your face doesn't have to be a daunting task, but it should be an integral step in your skincare routine. In general, twice a day is recommended to ensure that your skin is getting the nutrients and hydration it needs. If you have dry skin, moisturize more frequently and use a thicker cream for more intensive hydration. If you have oily, combination, or acne-prone skin, use a lightweight moisturizer twice a day. Be wary of over-moisturizing though; slapping on too much lotion can create an oil slick on your complexion.

Moisturizing tips and tricks for all skin types

Dry skin: The one that doesn't retain sufficient moisture.

Dry skin looks and feels like rough, flaky, scaly, or itchy skin. It can also feel kind of sensitive skin as well when dehydration levels are too high. Here are our main tips for this skin type: 

  1. Avoid washing your dry face too often or with harsh cleansers. Frequent washing will cause your skin to dry out even more and additional water will not add hydration. Instead, wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils. 
  2. Use moisturizing cream labeled for dry skin or with nourishing ingredients that attract and help you retain moisture inside your skin layers. For your skin type, it is recommended to use balms and heavy creams that are packed with hydrating oils and butters, especially during winter. 
  3. In people with dry skin, it is better to use thicker moisturizers to deeply nourish and eliminate the skin's feeling of tightness and stinging since this skin type absorbs quickly any face cream. 
  4. Fragrances are often added to moisturizers to make them smell great, but they can be irritating if you have dry skin. It's worth doing some research into fragrance-free formulas so you can make an informed decision about what you should be applying to your skin.

Normal skin: the easiest one

Normal skin is not too oily or too dry. If you have normal skin, your pores are likely barely visible and you rarely have breakouts, irritation, or sensitivity to skincare products. Your complexion likely looks radiant and clear if you have normal skin.

Having normal skin can be a blessing, but it has to be taken care of. If you want to maintain the perfect complexion of your dreams, it’s important to pick a moisturizer that treats your skin concerns and goes with the season. During summer, opt for a light moisturizer, while during winter you should go for a heavier one. Hyaluronic acid will be your bestie!

Oily and acne-prone skin: the “I shouldn’t moisturize”

Identifying oily skin types it’s not that hard. Immediately after you wash your face, oily skin won't stay matte for long. It gets shiny again very quickly. 

  1. If this is your case, then wash your face 2 times daily, a little more often than people with dry skin. However, don’t wash your face more than this or you may make your oily skin worse. Don't ever use hot water and exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times weekly. 
  2. Use gel moisturizers intended for oily skin. Having an oily face does not mean you shouldn't use a moisturizer; you just need to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Use a lightweight cream during the day and night. 

Oily skin is the easiest skin type for acne to emerge, due to the excessive oil trapped inside the pores. So, have you ever wondered, does moisturizer cause acne? Well, the answer may surprise you. It all boils down to understanding your skin and what kind of face moisturizer you're using. If your skin is on the oilier side and you use a product that is too thick or not specifically designed for oily skin, then yes, it could be the culprit for breakouts. Alternatively, if you use a light and non-comedogenic (meaning it won't block your pores) moisturizer then no, it shouldn't cause any outbreak of acne. So before slathering on thick creams and lotions onto your face, think twice! It is better to have a cleansing face soap that contains tea tree oil, lemon, or salicylic acid.

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Combination skin: best and worst of both worlds

Knowing if you have combination skin can be tricky business, like a game of detective work! If you have an oily T-zone (the area of your nose, between your eyes and eyebrows, and forehead only), but everywhere else is dry or not too oily, you probably have a combination skin type.

If you have combination skin, then you will need to moisturize the different areas of your face appropriately. Follow guidelines for oily skin for your T-zone and follow guidelines for dry skin or normal for the rest of your face. What we recommend is to use a moisturizer with lightweight, non-comedogenic ingredients that hydrate your skin without drying the dry parts or adding more oil to the oily parts. 

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Sensitive skin: the fragile type

It is a soft and delicate skin type, with closed pores and especially sensitive to environmental conditions and stress. Sensitive skin tends to react with redness, a feeling of tightness, or even allergic reactions. Scales often appear as well. 

It is essential to keep the skin well-hydrated because the sebaceous glands fail to create an optimal barrier of natural protection of moisturizing agents and natural oils. If you have sensitive skin use products formulated for sensitive skin without additives, harsh alcohols, fragrances, or parabens, which can further irritate your complexion.

You can use gel moisturizers or heavier creams with shea butter or hyaluronic acid in case you have a very dry skin type. A moisturizer for sensitive skin will strengthen your skin barrier and protect your complexion against external irritants like the weather and pollution 

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Night moisturizers vs. Morning moisturizers

Moisturizers are a crucial part of any skincare routine, but did you know that using different moisturizers during the day and night can make a big difference? 

Night moisturizers are typically thicker and richer, designed to penetrate deep into the skin while we sleep to help repair and rejuvenate. In comparison, morning moisturizers tend to be lighter and often contain SPF to protect the skin from sun damage throughout the day. 

While we may be inclined to use one moisturizer for both day and night, our skin has different needs at different times, so it's worth considering using separate products. By incorporating a night moisturizer into your routine, you can give your skin the extra nourishment it craves while you catch up on some well-deserved rest. Conversely, a morning moisturizer can help you start your day off on the right foot and provide essential sun protection. 

What are the precautions when using moisturizer for face?

When it comes to skin hydration, never using any cream to hydrate our skin is as negative as using too much or doing it incorrectly. 

There is a false belief that the more moisturizer we use the better because our skin will be more hydrated and it will look better. But this is not so. Facial moisturizers, for example, are designed to be concentrated, therefore, using more than necessary does not produce better results, but can sometimes do the opposite: spoil our skin and cause acne breakouts.

Excessive hydration tells the skin that it has enough water, lipids, and proteins (the building blocks of skin) and can slow down its production. Experts recommend, in winter, moisturizing the skin daily, but, only in the case of people with some type of dermatosis, doing it a maximum of twice a day.

On the other hand, too little hydration can also cause skin issues. Not moisturizing your skin can weaken the skin barrier and allow external factors to wreak havoc on your skin. If that wasn’t enough, not using a moisturizer can increase our skin’s sebum production causing oily skin to be even oilier. 

So, just use the right amount of moisturizer and you’ll be good!

Where to find the best moisturizer for your skin?

In this era of the modern beauty industry, we are all searching for the best facial moisturizer - a product that will quench our skin's thirst like never before! 

In Asian Beauty Essentials, you can find some truly incredible options. Here you will uncover all sorts of creams and lotions that are seemingly able to defy gravity with how deeply and effectively they hydrate your skin. With so many amazing choices available, you'll wonder why you haven't been buying from this shop all along! 

Nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Non-comedogenic oils are super powerful when it comes to nourishing your skin. Not only do they help keep your skin soft, supple, and nourished, but they can also help lock in moisture so your skin doesn't become dry and dull.

So freshen up your regular skincare routine and jumpstart it with us today!

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