Zombie Pack & Activator Kit

Zombie Pack & Activator Kit | 10 Minutes to a 15 Years Younger Look

Sale price$25.00


Get a facelift that will bring you closer to zombie immortality with the SKIN1004 Zombie Pack & Activator Kit, the 8-in-1 peeling mask that will make you look 15 years younger in just 10 minutes *NO BOTOX NEEDED*!

💛 Smooths wrinkles and fine lines and tightens sagging skin for the ultimate anti-aging treatment

💛 Banishes acne breakouts and reduces ginormous pores

💛 Deeply moisturizes and brightens the complexion for a "just-came-out-the-spa" glow


Founded in 2012 by the one and only Sohyung Lee, SKIN1004 is an award-winning, hypoallergenic and natural skincare brand from Korea. The brands sees itself as a “skin angel”, which “1004” sounding like the word "Angel" or "천사" (Cheon-Sa) in Korean. What sets their products apart is that they contain premium Centella extract, sourced from the untouched nature of Madagascar, ensuring a gentle, soothing, and lightweight formula that allows your skin to breathe. In this sense, their mission is to offer meticulously crafted natural skincare solutions at affordable prices. SKIN1004 skincare brand takes pride in being a clean beauty brand, backed by certifications like CGMP, Beauty without Bunnies, cruelty-free & vegan by PETA, and more. Upholding ethical and clean beauty practices will always remain at the core of our business.

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