Toy Vehicle Bath Bomb

Toy Vehicle Bath Bomb | Surprise Toy Inside!

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These citrus-scent bath bombs dissolve in your tub to create a fun-filled bubble bath complete with 4 collectible cars and trucks!

✅ Inside each bomb you’ll find one of the collectible 33mm cars, so you can have fun!

✅ Watch as the water changes color as soon as you drop the bath bomb

✅ Soak in a tub of citrusy-smelling bubbles and enjoy the moisturizing effects


Bandai Namco is a Japanese toy brand that was founded in 1950.

More than simple toys, this brand creates beauty products inspired by all-time favorite T.V. and movie characters. In fact, they even have a beauty brand named “Creer Beaute”, which also creates products influenced by famous characters.

They have different bath bomb collections that go from Disney and Pokemon to Sumikko Gurashi and Crayon Shin-Chan

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