Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

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Looking for a minimalist essence that features one primary ingredient? This essence list artemisia annua extract as its single ingredient listed on its label.

It feels silky smooth after it's been completely absorbed.

This watery like essence does have a light fragrance from the artemisia plant, also known as 'sweet annie' or 'sweet wormwood' which has been used in southeastern medicine for centuries. This plant contains vitamins, iron, and calcium that calms the skin and vitamin A which helps prevent your skin from aging while maintaining and boosting elasticity and the dumpling/ honey look popularized in Kbeauty.

The artemisia comes from fertile ground of Gangwha island and undergoes two natural fermentations. 

Missha boasts about Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence Passing the following tests:

  • Skin stimulation test
  • Skin tone homogenization test
  • Non-comedogenic test
  • Calming Test
  • Skin Irritation Test

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