Drawing Eye Brow (02 Grey Brown)

Drawing Eye Brow (02 Grey Brown) | Create Sharp Hair-Like Strokes for Perfectly Defined Brows

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Achieve natural-looking long-lasting eyebrows effortlessly with ETUDE Drawing Eye Brow in Gray Brown. The proper combination of high-adhesion powder, wax, and oil provides an even color payoff that looks just like your natural eyebrows but even better. 

🤎 Long-lasting, highly-adhesive color that will stay on throughout the day even when sweating

🤎 Create precise and natural hair-like strokes effortlessly with the pen’s triangular shape 

🤎 Glide smoothly and evenly giving you a sharp result without any clumping or smudging

Etude House

Etude is a French word that translates to " Study" in reference to how we can learn about our own beauty through this makeup line. The meaning behind the inspiration for its name comes from Chopin’s song entitled 'Etudes,' which means studies or exercises of some kind - just like what you would find on an etudiant (a student). For those who are beginning makeup enthusiasts, fear not because there will always be products available at your fingertips!

The founder of this company, Mr. Kim Hae-sung created it in 1966 and changed its name to Oscar Corporation after some time had passed; however, he did not want people to just remember him as "Oscar". So around 1985 when they were incorporated into Amore Pacific Group (which became known worldwide), their branding got refreshed again so now you'll find out there's an 'Etud' at the end instead.

In 1997, the company name was changed to Etude Corporation and since then they have launched many successful products. In 2005 a new brand called "Etudes" was created with its first store located in Korea where it now has 100 stores across Asia including locations outside of Japan (2009) and China (2010). This is not all though because just last year we saw an increase in their international presence by opening up shops throughout Southeast Asia; Indonesia-, Malaysia-, Philippines- Singapore Thailand

The company behind this product has created it with one goal: helping you find your true beauty by providing products for beginners who want some guidance on how they can master themselves both inside and out starting with the basics before moving onto more advanced techniques.

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