Champagne Eye Glitter (#02 Valentine Pink)

Champagne Eye Glitter (#02 Valentine Pink) | Make Eyes Pop with Gorgeous Pinkish Sparkle

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Glow from every angle and look like a diamond with the Champagne Eye Glitter Valentine Pink, the bestselling Peach C eye glitter that won’t budge, look tacky, or cause any irritation.

💗 Soft pink base that creates a champagne-like sparkle that can be used anywhere on the face or body for added pizzaz. 

💗 Achieve a 360° glow thanks to the holographic effect and the hexagonal pearl particles

💗 Water-based formula maximizes adherence and prevents skin irritation, unlike other eye glitters

Peach C

Founded by Korean model and blogger, Haneul, who also owns lingerie brand Haneul Haneul, Peach C promises to deliver makeup solutions catered specifically to your individual needs. Whether it's their ultra-pigmented matte lipsticks or their medium coverage cushion foundations, Peach C offers the perfect combination of sweet and juicy colors to give you a gorgeous glow without damaging your skin. All of their products are manufactured in Korea with attention to detail and quality.

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