Snail Bee High Content Mask by Benton to Brighten and Add Elasticity to Your Skin

Size: Single Mask
Sale price$3.00


Snail Bee Face Mask by Benton is a sheet mask that deeply nourishes and hydrates irritated skin. It contains pure cotton soaked in snail mucin, bee venom extract, and other natural ingredients to improve your skin tone. This product is dermatologically tested, cruelty free, fragrance free, and recommended for all skin types.

This soothing mask is perfect for dry, sensitive skin because it contains a gentle formula of bee venom and snail secretion that replenishes moisture to keep your well-balanced complexion happy. Enhance the powers of botanical ingredients with moisturizing serum, firming elastin, and nourishing ceramides to add some youth back into your face.

The cooling ingredients in this product will soothe redness from acne flare-ups or irritations quickly after application while supplies long lasting hydration for an even skin tone.


This is for a single sheet mask. Looking to bundle and save? Check out the 10-pack box for great savings!


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