Artless Rubycell Puff

Artless Rubycell Puff | Achieve Flawless, Long-Lasting Makeup In One Puff

Sale price$8.00


Apply your foundation with ease using the Heimish Artless Rubycell Puff.

Cover every spot and corner with its unique angled design which fit well in your purse or carryon for a quick and simple retouch anytime during the day. 

These are made with high quality Ruby Cell fabric and are resilient beyone a few uses! This puff will maintain its firmness after many usages unlike other puff pads that get soft after only a few uses.

This soft and gentle cushion is light to the touch and helps blend your foundation without leaving any cakey spots. 

Control your foundation application with the angle and amount of product applied using these amazing puff pads from one of the most popular Vegan and Clean Beauty brands from South Korea, Heimish. 


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