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Are you a fan of multitasking skincare products? Then you have to meet sunflower oil! 

This popular moisturizing ingredient is more than just a sunny feel-good name—it’s loaded with some serious health and beauty benefits that should make it an essential part of your routine. From soothing skin irritation to boosting the glow factor, this golden elixir could be the key to getting undiscovered (but amazing!) results for your complexion. 

Definitely, sunflower oil is sunshine packed into a bottle with some extra perks! But don’t take my word for it, keep reading to find out all the sunflower oil benefits for skin

First things first, how is sunflower oil made?

Sunflower oil is a popular option for skincare due to its natural makeup and moisturizing properties. The beauty product is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the sunflower, which releases the oil contained within it. 

This extraction process occurs without heat or chemicals, leaving a healthy product packed full of fatty acids and vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. Sunflower oil manifests itself in a light, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, allowing your complexion to benefit from its combination of fatty acids and antioxidants.

7 Sunflower oil skin benefits you’ll love

Sunflower seed oil has become a popular beauty remedy thanks to the almost miraculous benefits it provides for both skin and hair. So, here are our fave sunflower oil benefits for skin and hair

1. Anti-aging properties

Recent research has suggested that sunflower oil provides relief against oxidative stress and skin damage due to its antioxidant-rich composition. In particular, the Vitamin E content in sunflower oil is thought to help protect from the damaging effects of free radicals – the major culprits behind aging. 

Additionally, sunflower oil retains moisture in the skin, leaving it more supple by reducing inflammation and preventing further damage. 

2. A godsend for dry skin

Sunflower oil hydrates the skin thanks to its naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins, specifically linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. These goodies help to form a protective barrier on the skin’s and hair's surface to lock in moisture and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. Plus, one benefit that stands out is its ability to penetrate deep into the skin which offers a lasting solution for dry skin issues.

This makes sunflower oil the best oil to hydrate skin

3. A source of antioxidants

Sunflower oil is loaded with powerful antioxidants like vitamins A, D, and E, which all help protect the body from oxidative stress. This type of stress can damage cells, making one vulnerable to many skin problems like premature aging, dark spots, grey hair, blemishes, and sensitive skin. 

4. Unclogs pores

Sunflower oil is emerging as an appealing natural solution to the daily skincare woes of those with congested pores. Containing fatty acids that are similar in structure to those naturally found on the outer layer of our skin *aka sebum*, sunflower oil can help to dissolve and displace the dirt and sweat that can settle into our pores. 

With regular use, sunflower oil has been shown to be an excellent remedy for cleansing out deep-seated impurities such as makeup residue, sunscreen, and dead cells, which can clog your pores and cause acne. However, it doesn’t remove your skin natural oils, meaning that it won’t leave your skin feeling dehydrated

This sunflower seed oil benefit makes it one of the best cleansing oils to use for skin. 

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5. Reduces inflammation

Due to its high content of fatty acids, namely linoleic acid, sunflower oil is actually used for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to reduce skin redness. Not only does it inhibit the production of inflammatory cells, but it also provides a protective shield over the skin barrier against pollutants and photoaging, which can cause even more redness and irritated skin.

6. Helps with skin lightening 

As I said before, the sunflower plant is rich in vitamin E and several fatty acids, some of which may naturally help combat skin discoloration. Vitamin E prevents oxidation and radical damage, while the fatty acid component helps even out skin tone in a similar fashion to some other natural remedies for hyperpigmentation. Sunflower oil also delivers hydration deep into the cells of the skin and helps keep them healthy, further upping its efficacy against pigmentation issues. 

7. Great for all skin types

Sunflower oil is a great natural remedy for many skin concerns and types. Its lightweight, moisturizing properties make it the perfect choice to balance out oil production in both dry and oily skin types. 

In this sense, sunflower seed oil is super easy to absorb, doesn’t leave oily residues, and is hypoallergenic, meaning that it’s safe to use in more sensitive skin types. Plus, it doesn’t clog pores, so it won’t cause breakouts if you’re acne-prone

Is sunflower oil comedogenic?

Sunflower oil for face has had a long history of being used in lotions, ointments, and cosmetics. It is known to be a lightweight emollient that aids in the softening and conditioning of skin. But when it comes to its propensity to clog pores and cause acne, there's some confusion on whether sunflower oil is actually comedogenic *meaning whether it can increase the chance of breakouts or skin irritation*. 

Fortunately, we have amazing news for you: sunflower oil is non-comedogenic. In fact, it has a comedogenic rating of 0, meaning that it doesn’t have any pore-clogging effects. Due to its hydrating properties, it could potentially even reduce certain types of skin irritation, plus its cleansing properties can remove the dead skin cells that could cause acne breakouts

Raw sunflower oil vs. Skincare products with sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is widely used in a range of products, both raw and formulated. However, if you want to get the most out of this versatile oil, formulated products are the way to go. Formulated sunflower oil has been treated so it can retain its natural properties while being able to stay shelf stable for a longer period of time. 

It has also been enhanced with other ingredients to provide added benefits for your skin. This makes it a way better choice as well as providing more value for your money. With formulated sunflower oil products, you get all the perks of this goodie for a longer time

So, yes, you can totally add a few drops of sunflower oil to your fave moisturizer, however, you’ll see better results when using good skincare products with this nourishing oil. 

Where to find sunflower oil skincare products?

Sunflower oil for skin is definitely a godsend for any skincare concern and any skin type. From its ability to soothe skin and protect the skin’s natural barrier against the nasties that could cause premature aging, to its amazing ability to remove dead skin cells to give you the glowy, healthy skin you’ve always wanted, there’s nothing this oil can’t do. 

So, now that you know all the amazing benefits of sunflower oil for skin, it’s time to include this goodie into your skincare routine! 

In Asian Beauty Essentials you’ll find many products with sunflower oil to start nourishing your skin in no time! Visit our sunflower oil collection and start enjoying the benefits of this natural oil 

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