Gentle Steam Eye Mask

Gentle Steam Eye Mask | The #1 trusted eye mask

Size: Single mask
Sale price$4.00


 Long stressful days can take a toll on your eyes, leaving you feeling exhausted and worn out. Relax your eyes with the Gentle Steam Eye Mask, a soothing steam bath that will calm tired-looking, puffy eyes in just 20 minutes

👁️ Relieve eye fatigue and tension with 40°C warm steam

👁️ The eye mask fits comfortably and weightlessly, whether you’re lying down or sitting up

👁️ Long-lasting steam stays warm for up to 20 minutes, no matter the outside temperature

Kao Bioré

Introducing Bioré: a pore-focused skincare brand from Japan that provides deep cleansing for the skin of your dreams!

Bioré is part of Kao Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1887. Following the Japanese Beauty Philosophy, which focuses on treating the skin with gentle, chemical-free ingredients, the brand has been leveraging years of experience and research to create its skincare line focused on cleansers that range from makeup-removing wipes to makeup-removing cream.

With this approach to innovation, Bioré Skincare has taken on the responsibility to make affordable yet high-quality facial products available to everyone. These powerful cleansers are specifically designed to target and cleanse 20,000 pesky pores for ultimate skin perfection. Unlike other brands with harsh formulas and artificial ingredients, Bioré combines deep cleaning action with minimal effort.

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