Rose Water Multi-Purpose Soothing Gel

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Hydrate your skin with this multi-purpose, vegan soothing gel that absorbs quickly on your skin. 

Containing 90.8% damask rose water for powerful soothing and moisturizing effects. This oversized gel has a whopping 300ml of fragrant gel that will truly last. Have you tried anywhere besides your face? This soothing gel can help hydrate your fatigued face, hair, and body.

A Multi-Purpose Soothing Gel That Soothes & Moisturizes

How to use this on your face:

Use this gel as like a cold-pack or a leave on mask, apply a thick layer on your dehydrated or flushed face. 

How to use this on your hair:

Apply this rose scented gel on your dried out hair as an essence. Delivers hydration to dry hair from excessive hot showers or sun exposure. 

How to use this on your body:

This is a light fragrant and cool body lotion, especially during hotter, summer days. Or the 360 hot days in Florida! 

Mamonde's Rose Water Soothing Gel is Free Of:

  1. Animal Based Ingredients
  2. Mineral Oil
  3. Polyacrylamide
  4. Imidazolidinyl Urea
  5. Triethanoamine
  6. Tar Pigement
  7. PEG Surfactant

This toner pairs well with Mamonde's Rose Water Toner that contains 90.97% Damascan Rose water for a hydrating and soothing toner with every use. 

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