A'Pieu is a relatively new brand that launched online in 2008 and became available in Korean stores in 2011. After great success in South Korea, they expanded globally and have become an incredibly popular brand for young adults especially those with sensitive skin.

The mild ingredients A'PIEU uses are rich in nutrients and minerals. They use top quality ingredients that are gentle on your skin.
A'PIEU is a sister brand of the mega famous Korean brand MISSHA offering a more affordable line that focuses on top quality ingredients for their trendy skincare and makeup. Their product line is packed with safe and pure ingredients. A'PIEU created a makeup and skin care line formulated with nutrient and mineral rich ingredients especially for younger women in their teens and 20s that want a natural look.
The mild ingredients used in their products caters very well to those with sensitive skin. This brand has done popular collaborations with animated characters such as DoraemonCrayon Shin-chan and Rilakkuma.
Many of the A'PIEU products contain over 95% of organic components: snail mucus, fresh goat milk, milk proteins, hyaluronic acid, fruit and vegetable extracts and many more. All products are hypoallergenic and their formula doesn’t contain parabens, GMO, triclosan, benzophenone, and mineral oil, making them suitable for sensitive skin.