Small Refrigerator Skincare Products

Skincare is like a relationship, all about effort and love. But did you know that sometimes your beauty routine might need a little bit of chillin' too? 

We're not talking about taking an extended ice bath, not at all. We're talking about which products should be stashed in your refrigerator for optimal use. 

The new issue dividing beauty lovers is which skincare products go in the fridge and which ones are better left out. From face masks to creams meant for special occasions, read on to find out all about this new trend!

Why do you need to refrigerate your skincare products?

Refrigerating your skincare goodies might sound like a silly suggestion but there’s actually some sound reasoning behind storing them in the fridge! 

Low temperatures prevent oxidation which is the process that breaks down the active ingredients inside a skincare product, making them change their color and be less effective. That’s why, for example, vitamin C serums tend to turn yellow when they are not refrigerated. The fridge basically helps to extend the shelf life of your beauty products.

Additionally, the fridge temperatures provide a cooling sensation when you want to give your skin a refreshing, soothing break, which is especially great if you live in hotter climates! 

Mini fridge for skincare: Your tiny new best friend

Skin care mini-fridges are all the rage right now and for a good reason!

One of the new trends skincare lovers is totally crazy about is storing certain products in a mini fridge that is small enough to keep it in a bathroom! Today everything has its place, which is perfect, so, in addition to the shelf where you have your skin care allies organized or your makeup drawer, there is the skincare fridge. 

If you have made the decision to purchase one, then we will tell you the factors that you should be aware of when buying a mini fridge for skincare


It is best to identify the number of products you want to store in a beauty fridge. A four-liter refrigerator, for example, will fit six 12-ounce containers, which is plenty of room for your special products.

It is also useful to opt for a skincare fridge with removable shelves since they can be manipulated to personalize the space.


It is important to pay attention to the temperature it can reach. Skincare fridges work the same way as portable food coolers, so the best tip is to acquire a model that works below 32 ° F so your products do not freeze.

Guide to the Best Skincare Fridges Brands

Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge 

This one is considered the best one overall. It allows you to adjust and set the temperature with the touch of a button. This is great for making sure your products and tools stay at the temperature you wish.

The 20-liter fridge has two removable and adjustable shelves, and the door has two small shelves to store items like anti-aging eye cream, facial sprays, and even gua sha stones.

Retro Mini SkinCare Fridge: Frigidaire Portable Retro 6 Can Mini Refrigerator

This one is your best budget-friendly choice. If you're all about those retro vibes, you can't go wrong with this skincare fridge. The model can hold up to four liters and has two removable and adjustable shelves. 

It comes in a variety of colors like red, rose, black and blue.

Chefman Mirrored Beauty Fridge

With Chefman’s Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge you can bring your skincare products with you wherever life takes you! This beauty essential features a luminous mirrored door and ample storage to keep your cosmetics in perfect condition. And that’s not all, this skin care fridge also doubles as a heated towel warmer, ensuring your skin stays balanced, soothed and looking beautiful too!

Now the question is, what beauty products should be in your fridge? Let's find out!

What to put in a skincare fridge? 9 must-cool products 

Not sure what skincare products should be refrigerated? Well, you're not alone! Here are the most common skincare goodies you should be keeping in the fridge to extend their shelf life or provide you with a deliciously refreshing cooling sensation!

Face toners

If you have sensitive skin, you will love this trick. A cold toner will help soothe and refresh your skin and further stimulates your blood vessels. Plus it feels great when you apply it on hot days and is going to help decrease skin redness.

Facial Toner
Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner - Asian Beauty Essentials
Facial Toner Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner
Sale price$22.00

Facial mists

We already know that face mists are the perfect ally in our skin care routine for various reasons, ranging from setting makeup to giving the complexion an instant shine.

What you also need to know is that the best way to use your face mist is to cool it in the fridge, especially during summer, and splash it in the hot afternoon for a quick gentle dose of freshness. 

The cooling sensation soothes dry and irritated skin, besides a cold facial mist is ideal for the inflammation caused by sun exposure. It will definitely feel amazing on your skin every time you do this! 

Antioxidant-rich products

Goodies such as vitamin C serums, vitamin A derivatives, like retinol, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid must also be kept refrigerated to avoid oxidation, which can make them lose their effectiveness and cause them to turn yellow and smell funny.  

Plus, creams or serums with antioxidant properties have the most amazing anti-aging benefits, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity. These properties can be boosted by refrigerating these products because they will relieve the inflammation caused by wrinkles.  

The Vitamin C 23 Serum - Asian Beauty Essentials
Serum The Vitamin C 23 Serum
Sale price$25.00

Eye Creams

When eye creams are used immediately on the skin, there’s no doubt a tightening effect is felt. Now, can you imagine how powerful this effect can be if you store your eye cream in a refrigerator? It will further soothe skin redness and reduce not only puffy eyes but dark circles.

Eye Care
Fermentation Eye Cream - Asian Beauty Essentials
Eye Care Fermentation Eye Cream
Sale price$27.00

Jade Rollers

Jade or rose quartz rollers, gua sha stones or any other skin care tools to massage the face need to be cold to give your skin an effective massage.

When they are cold, they not only stimulate lymphatic drainage but also reduce puffiness and brighten the complexion by stimulating and contracting blood vessels, reducing inflammation almost instantly. 

Sheet masks

These goodies are all the rage these days! And you may be wondering how to get the most out of the sheet mask experience for sure. Well, the answer is simple - stick it in the refrigerator! 

Not only will it give a soothing sensation to sensitive skin, but also help tighten your pores for improved texture and tone of your skin. Cool temperatures are face masks besties!

Pro tip: if you open a face mask and some essence or serum is left, you can store the remaining product inside the fridge and apply it any other day. 

After-Sun Products

Besides using sunscreen, after-sun products become relevant on sunny days as they minimize the effects of UV rays on your exposed skin. In this sense, their soothing ingredients, like aloe vera, have a better result if they are cold.

So don't forget to put them inside the fridge and use them when you get home, you will feel relief right way!

Soothing Aloe Vera Gel - Asian Beauty Essentials
Sale price$14.00

Lightweight Moisturizer

A good lightweight formula, like a gel moisturizer, will always be refreshing to your skin with moisture, but popping it into a mini skin fridge amplifies that fresh, revitalized feeling your skin is asking for!

Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream
Moisturizer Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream
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Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream - Asian Beauty Essentials
Moisturizer Yuja Niacin Brightening Moisture Gel Cream
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Aloe Vera Products

Aloe vera is such a wonder plant that its products need to be stored in the fridge! Its magic healing benefits are best preserved when chilled, allowing them to give your skin a cool sensation. They are specifically perfect for acne marks and dark circles.

But don't worry, aloe vera products don't have an expiration date- they are simply happier when cold! 

Bath Care
Aloe Clean Water Formula 92% Shower Gel
Bath Care Aloe Clean Water Formula 92% Shower Gel
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What not to put in a skincare fridge

There are certain beauty products that are not made for a skincare fridge.

Having that in mind, you should never refrigerate oily products since at low temperatures water and oil solidify or separate and the stability of the product suffers.  We are not only referring to facial oils and oil-based cleansers, but also to oily make-up removers. Additionally, it’s not necessary to keep water-based cleansers inside the fridge. 

Another good way to check which products should be refrigerated is by checking the product label to find the optimal temperature in which it should be stored. 

Definitely, the coolest trend to preserve your beauty products we all love 

Skincare fridges have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and it's clear to see why. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing appliance to add a trendy touch in any home or office, but the technological benefits behind them make them one of the coolest gadgets around. 

From a chilled eye cream to a vitamin C serum, storing skincare products in a refrigerator gives them a longer shelf life, preserving their effectiveness so you can use them while they are at their best and brightest. Plus, who doesn’t love the cooling sensation of a cold goodie against their skin?

Refrigerating your skincare goodies will definitely kick your skincare routine game up a notch! 

If you want to keep learning more about the beauty world, don’t forget to visit our Idol Blog section!

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