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We all know the feeling of wanting our best skin before the end of summer right? Yet, some of us live with dreadful oily skin which just seems to worsen in the summer months, leaving you with the wrong kind of shine and massive pores!! Will not feel much like a hot girl summer then. 

Sometimes we even pay dollars on top of dollars for products we think will do the trick, but they just leave our face more oily than before because we don’t know what our oily skin needs and doesn’t need!  Let’s break it down really quickly so you can start working toward that beach glow.

No Nos for Oily Skin

Harsh Scrubs: We all know about the or (boost)  that there used to be around face scrubs, but your skin is saying no!! You may think it’s helping your oily skin, but your face may just seem less oily because it’s scrubbed of literally any form of natural moisture in your face, leaving you with more issues to deal with. 

Overusing Alcohol: If drinking a bunch of alcohol has a rep for not being great for the skin, we should make sure alcohol isn't the #1 ingredient in products going on your skin.. If your skin is naturally more oily, be mindful of the amount of alcohol that's in your product so as to not destroy your precious moisture barrier.? Oily skin! 

Omg Yes for Oily Skin


Niacinamide is fast acting in helping with those pores now and down the line this summer. While it enhances your skin’s moisture and glow, it may also help in reducing your pore appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid: 

Oily skin still needs those yummy moisturizing goods, but you don’t want something that’s going too far, but instead go for something with Hyaluronic acid which will help moisturize your skin inside out. Not only moisturizing your skin’s surface but also the core under it all where problems may be that lead to oily skin. 

So we have some ingredients your skin is saying no to and some your skin will glorify in but now what products can you get that skips those not so great ones but has the great ones? No problem, we have your back!! I have included some products below that you and your skin will love to achieve your best glow this summer!!  

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