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Here at Asian Beauty Essentials, bird's nest is one of the most popular ingredients in beauty products. In this blog post we will be discussing some questions people have about bird's nests in skincare!

Birds Nest As An Ingredient in Skincare blog by AsianBeautyEssentials.com

1. Q: What is bird's nest extract and is it the same as swiftlet nest extract?

A: Yes they are the same. Bird's nest extract comes from a swiftlet bird that lives in caves or abandoned buildings in Eastern Asia. In fact, in Malaysia many companies are opening up bird hotels where they're setting up safe spaces for the birds to create their nests. The male swiftlet bird creates its nest made from its saliva, which is also known as bird's nest. The nests are harvested, boiled, cleaned, and dried before consumption. For skincare products, it is often confined to a powder and added to product formulas as an ingredient. The bird's saliva is rich in proteins, polysaccharides, trace elements, and other nutrients, all of which are good for the skin.

2. Q: What bird's nests are good for?

A: This Asian beauty secret provides impressive benefits when used in your daily routine. Bird's nests provide a number of additional benefits like whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, and nourishing the skin.

When the swiftlet bird's saliva dries, it forms bird's nests that possess a great number of nutrients. Bird's nests can be used as a health drink or food, and bird's nest skincare products are also common in Asia and gaining popularity in the west.

3. Q: Is Bird's Nest really good for skin?

A: Skincare products that contain bird's nest have shown promising results such as lightening dark spots and lessening acne scars. Some bird's nests are also high in collagen, which can make skin softer and more elastic. Bird nest skincare products also contain vitamins that are said to provide an anti-aging effect.

Bird's Nest has been known for centuries as a means to enhance your skin's youthful glow and balanced complexion. I've been using it for months to eliminate the dark circles under my eyes and have recently started testing my elizavecca eye cream with birds nest on my forehead wrinkles.

4. Q: Are bird nests expensive?

A: Yes, bird nest extract is an expensive ingredient that can cost up to hundreds of dollars per tiny nest. However, bird nests can be harvested and traded in a sustainable way that does not endanger bird populations. Fortunately though, in skincare products, the actual amount of birds nest used as an ingredient can vary. Thus you can find affordable products using smaller amounts of the product while leveraging the many benefits this ingredient delivers.

5. Q: Why is bird's nest so expensive?

A: The bird's nests themselves are actually cheap, the expensive part is harvesting and processing bird's nest. It can take up to 3 years for a bird's nest to be product ready. Not to mention, that bird's nests are also delicate and they can easily get damaged.

6. Q: Is bird nest really a bird's saliva? I keep hearing that it's like bird puke that women are putting on their face.

A: Yes, bird's nests are bird saliva. It is bird spit that the bird has been using to strengthen its own nest for years and years. The birds collect material from their surroundings to make their bird's nest. The bird uses bird saliva to hold the material together and make their nests. Thus in the harvesting and processing period, boiling and cleaning are necessary to eliminate any materials from the product that is not the hardened saliva, like twigs.

7. Q: What are bird nest health benefits?

A: When the swiftlet bird's saliva dries, it forms the ingredient known as bird's nests which possess a great number of nutrients. Bird nest is one of the most popular tonics in Chinese medicine and is often consumed in soup form. Edible bird's nest (EBN) was used in the upper class' daily diet. It has been referred to as the caviar of the East.

Many believe that birds nests can help with:

  • dry coughs
  • improve physical and mental health
  • relieve fatigue
  • improve digestion
  • stimulate bowel movement and appetite
  • stimulate cell division and growth
  • help with tissue regeneration

Note: We are not doctors. Before consuming any new ingredient it's important to consult with a doctor.

While this ingredient is well known in traditional Chinese medicine, you can also reap the benefits of bird's nest in your skincare routine.

7. Q: Can Bird Nest whiten skin?

A: Yes, bird nest skincare products have impressive whitening capabilities. It also contains Vitamin A and E which are both key ingredients in a skincare routine aimed at achieving a fairer skin tone. Vitamin A and E are essential for having healthy and moisturized skin. It can also be used to soothe blotchy and reddish skin.

8. Q: Can bird nest help with acne?

A: Bird's nests have been used as a facial treatment and acne treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine for years. Bird's nests have a high concentration of antioxidants, which studies show can result in safe and effective anti-acne results when used with other acne treatments.

9. Q: Is bird nest good for oily skin?

A: Yes, bird nest extract might be a viable skincare solution for oily skin types. It is anti-bacterial and can create a matte finish on the skin.

10. Q: Is bird nest good for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, bird nest extract is suitable for sensitive skin. The bird's nest bird saliva itself is gentle and delicate.

There are many bird nest skincare products available in the market today that you can purchase or order online here at Asian Beauty Essentials that meet your skincare needs!

11. Q: Does bird nest contain collagen?

A: Yes. Bird nest extract is rich in antioxidants, collagen, and amino acids. These properties help firm up the skin, fight wrinkles, and reduce fine lines on the face.

12. Q: Does bird nest smell like bird spit?

A: No. Bird nest skincare products are processed, boiled, and cleaned which eliminates any bird spit smell.

13. Q: Can bird nest be used as a skin whitening product?

A: Yes. bird nest extract contains high levels of Vitamin A and E which is great for a beauty regimen aimed at achieving a fairer skin tone.

14. Q: What is epidermal growth factor (EGF) that is rich in Bird's Nest?

A: Epidermal Growth Factor is a protein that can stimulate collagen, elastin, and keratin production in the skin. It can lead to healthier and more glowing skin.

15. Q: Which Korean skincare brands carry birds nest in their products?

A: Certain bird's nests based skincare products are advertised to tighten pores, lighten the skin, regenerate cells and boost immunity. Etude House Hello Kitty Fresh Little Bird Nest line or A'Pieu Bird Nest Egg Cream are some of the more commonly know Kbeauty products with bird's nest. Others include, Lee Jiham, Sulwhasoo, Iope, Aritaum and Missha. These are but a few Korean skincare brands that use bird's nest as an ingredient in their products. 

16. Q: Are there bird nest products available for personal care?

A: Absolutely! You can purchase bird's nest skincare products on the market today or online here http://www.asianbeautyessentials.com/collections/birds-nest

The bird's nest bird saliva itself is gentle and delicate. It can be used as an ingredient in a skincare routine or for personal care products such as lotions, face masks, and creams. Bird nests have been considered a true superfood and product for everyone. With so many benefits associated with bird's nest extract, it may be worth considering adding this product into your beauty regimen!

Let us know in the comments below if you are here for this ingredient or still not ready to dabble with this in your Asian beauty routine.


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