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If you're like us, then trying to find the perfect lipstick is a never-ending struggle. It's almost like seeking out a needle in a haystack—you know what you want is out there, but you just can't narrow it down and pinpoint your ideal shade or tone. That's why we've done some of the hard work for you—to help save your time (and sanity) when searching for that lip color that truly completes your look! 

With so many beautiful shades and finishes, how do you find the perfect lipstick shade for your own skin tone? Lucky for you, lipstick shopping no longer has to be a terrifying experience! Just keep reading and you’ll discover this amazing lipstick guide for skin tones that’s gonna rock your world. 

Finding lipstick has never been easier - choose from pinks, nudes, burgundies, and more - all catering to your individual facial features. Get ready to rock the perfect lipshade that’s right for you!

Which lipstick shade suits my skin best?

Deciding on what are the best lipsticks for your skin tone may feel like an intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be so hard. 

If you want to pick the best lipstick for your skin just like a professional makeup artist, here’s our special guide for you to discover all the answers you’ve been looking for!

1. Determine your skin tone

The first step in choosing the right lipstick color is to determine your skin tone. There are 5 main types: fair, light, medium, tan and dark. 

Fair skin 

This is the lightest range of skin tones, it is similar to porcelain. You likely burn easily if you’re not protected from the sun, this type of skin is prone to get freckles as well. Fair skin type is commonly associated with cold undertones.

Light skin

It is a pale complexion associated with warmer undertones than fair skin. Light skin tone usually tans nicely.

Medium skin

If your friends are always pointing out how tan you look, then you must belong to a medium skin type.  Medium skin tone or color is not too fair and not too dark.

Tan skin

Tan skin type also known as a light brown color skin. It is mainly associated with warm undertones. It is less susceptible to UV rays and signs of aging.

Dark skin

It is commonly a dark brown color and is categorized as rich in melanin pigments (hyperpigmented skin).

2. Determine your skin undertone

Knowing your skin's undertone is just as important as knowing your tone. It is a general rule that warm tones are more for medium to dark types of skin, while cool tones are better for fair skin. Here you have all of them!

  • Cool Undertones

If cool undertones were always cool, then figuring them out wouldn't be so hot! Start by looking at the veins in your wrist, if they appear purple or bluish hue, chances are you've got a cooler skin tone.

It's also helpful to keep in mind that if silver jewelry looks better than gold jewelry, cool tones are likely dominant. Of course, if none of these sound familiar and you're still unsure of your cool undertone status, there's always the trusty ol' rose petal test! Just rub a white rose petal on your cheeks - if it looks pink on your skin color, then cool tones are present.

  • Warm Undertones

If you're not sure whether warm tones flatter you more than cool ones, you may be tempted to just stick with what you know doesn't fail-transparent lipgloss. But don’t be discouraged; there is an easy way to tell. 

Try taking a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If you have green veins, warm undertones could be your new best friend! 

You can also notice how certain makeup shades interact with your complexion. For example, if orangey-reds and bronze tones bring out the natural color of your cheeks and ears, then chances are that you have warm undertones.

Lastly, gold jewelry looks amazing on warm complexions!

  • Neutral Undertones

If you're having a neutral skin undertone identity crisis, don't worry; figuring out your neutral undertone is easy! 

All you need is a mirror! Take a look and ask yourself. Do you exhibit: 

A) Reddish hues around your nose, chin, and forehead? 
B) Yellowish hues around your temples and jawline? 

If you answered A, then congratulations, you have a neutral undertone! Don't worry if you see a bit of both colors in your complexion, sometimes even neutral people rock a hint of red (A) or yellow (B), in the right light! Take another look in the mirror - are neutral tones finally making sense?

Find the perfect lipstick according to your skin tone and undertone

It is a general rule that warm tones are more for darker skin tones, while cool shades are better for fair skin. 

  • Fair or light skin:  If you have fair or light skin type then you should look for a nude lipstick in peach, nude pink, red, or coral. But let’s be specific! For fair or light skin with cool undertones: berry colors. And if you have instead a fair or light skin type with warm undertones then you definitely should try coral and reds with blue or purple undertones.

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    • Medium or tan skin: If you have a medium or tan skin tone with neutral undertones, you must look for bright red, cherry red, bright pink or true red with no undertone. For tan or medium skin with a warm undertone, the right lipstick shade is orangey-red or tangerine. Now, if you belong to cool undertones team, then red lip is your perfect match.

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      • Dark skin: Darker skin tones are also known as deep skin. For deep skin tone with warm undertones, the best lipstick option is blue-based red. And if you have dark skin with cool undertones we recommend a metallic ruby red or deep wine.

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        • Consider your hair color

        Have you ever had moments when your dark hair doesn't go with your dark lip shade? Or when the fair shade of your blonde hair doesn't quite match the brown lipstick? Choosing the right lip shade requires a bit of rhyme and reason that goes beyond swatching at the store. The best part? No matter what tone of skin or hair color you may have, wearing lipstick according to your hair color is easy with the vast array of lip colors out there!

        Blond hair

        For fair and light-skinned blondes, finding the right lip shade can be a challenge. From peachy pinks and apricot nudes to purple shades, fair skin or light skin nude types may require a neutral shade that isn't too bright or too dark. 

        Tan and deep-skinned blondes, on the other hand, can opt for much darker shades like corals, dusty pink, scarlet and even berry shades that look gorgeous when paired with their hair color. And lastly, medium skin blonde beauties can pick either neutral shades or dark shades depending on their preference; there's no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect lip shade for this hair color!

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        Red hair

        When it comes to finding the perfect lip shade for red hair, there's only one answer: it depends! First and foremost, you need to take into account your skin tone; warmer tones such as peach or honey are best suited to those with a cool complexion. If you have a warmer complexion, opt for shades of pink or coral. However, if you want to get creative and stand out from the crowd, consider pairing a warm shade of lipstick with your red hair – yellow oranges, rose gold and dark berry can look stunning. A little dash of glitter never goes astray either - just enough so that your lips could rival ruby slippers! 

        For a neutral skin tone, the journey might seem difficult at first; after all, achieving perfect makeup coordination can be challenging, even if your fave celebrity makeup artist makes it look like a breeze. Fortunately, the solution is simpler than you’d think: choose colors with cooler blue undertones to keep the look cohesive and avoid clashes in skin tone and hair color. Some great options include mauve, light pink and plum -- perfect for bringing out that lovely red glint.

        All in all, when searching for the perfect lip shade for redheads, experimentation is key.

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        Brown hair

        Many people with brown hair feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect lip shade for their features. As we all know, the wrong shade can be an immediate buzzkill. But don't stress too much! A good rule of thumb to follow is this: opt for colors that enhance your hair color and reflect its warmth - rather than guide away from it. Peachy corals, bronzes and plums are always great choices that give a subtle yet effective look. For a bolder statement, try deep berry shades or cherry reds. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re having fun while exploring the region of rosy lips!

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        Dark Hair

        Finding lipstick shades that suit dark hair can be a uniquely challenging endeavor. Generally, those with fair and light skin will look great in pink lipstick shades with magenta or purple undertones, whereas many lipstick colors can flatter those with tan and deep skin. However, one of the most universally flattering lipstick shades for dark hair is burgundy. It offers a lovely contrast and also helps balance out the contrast between lighter eyebrows or eyes and dark complexion or hair. 

        No matter whichever lipstick shade you choose, keep in mind that any lipstick color is only perfect if it reflects your personality! So wear the lipstick shade that makes you feel comfortable, while still being conscious of the fact that it should bring out your gorgeous features!

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          Bonus Tip: Have in mind your lip’s shape

          Understanding your lip’s shape is an art that will help you achieve the perfect lip makeup when paired with the right shade. No matter if you’re a fan of a good matte formula, a balm, or a tint, knowing your lip’s shape is key!

          Top-heavy lips

          Choosing the perfect shade for top-heavy lips can be tricky, but there is a foolproof way to ensure you’re rocking the perfect look. Before delving into your lipstick collection, try starting with a bright lipstick on your lower lip only. This will instantly bring life and balance back to your face while allowing your upper lip to be the star of the show! If you’re feeling bold, apply the perfect shade above and below - voila, perfect top-heavy lips achieved!

          Bottom-heavy lips

          Has matching the right shade of lip color ever left you stumped? Avoid those unflattering over-pigmented lips and achieve bottom heavy perfection with light and natural perfect nude color! The key is to apply a light nude color right in the center of your upper lip, so it appears to be slightly light and more elongated, creating slightly fuller looking lower lips. 

          Thin lips

          The perfect lip shade for thin lips is something of a holy grail in the make-up world. No matter your skin tone, you can rock any color if you choose wisely. The trick is to select deeper tones and use a lip liner to create an illusion of fullness, like dark burgundy or berry hues with warm undertones. For a bit of shine, opt for glittery glosses in shades that match your natural lip color and watch how your lips come to life! 

          On the other hand, stay away from light pinks and corals that don't do anything to help emphasize your lips and may wash out your complexion. With thoughtful choices and a few tips up your sleeve, you can achieve the look you covet with just the right combination!

          Plump lips

          When looking for the best lipstick shades for plump lips, it's important not to go overboard with your color or texture choices. Too shimmery and you'll overshine those full lips; too dark and you run the risk of closed-off associations. Instead, play up those perfectly plump lips with a clever color trick: choose a sheer color one shade lighter than what your natural lip shade is. By going just a bit paler, it will make things appear more accentuated and perfect. Try out different colors to see what works best and soon you'll be strutting around town knowing that every head will turn when they spy that perfect lip shade! 

          Lipstick makeup routine

          Are you a lipstick lover? Do the words “perfect pout” make your heart sing? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re about to talk about how to get that perfect kisser with a fun, easy-to-follow makeup routine. From picking out the perfect shade for your skin tone, to prepping and maintaining a long-lasting look. We have the best tips and tricks, let’s get started on your beauty lip routine!

          1. Exfoliate your lips

          Exfoliation is essential to keep your lips healthy, this helps you remove dead skin and impurities. Starting by exfoliating your lips in your makeup ritual will allow you to make them look softer. You will see that the circulation of their delicate skin is activated, and they will blush and get very silky. Spend a couple of minutes exfoliating your lips and when you apply your lipstick color, you will notice the difference.

          2. Lip balm or lip oil

          You must always keep your lips hydrated! Apply lip balm or lip ol when you start putting on your makeup, so that when it's time to apply lipstick, they're already deeply hydrated. The idea is to do it long enough for the lip to absorb the emollient properties of the balm or oil. 

          Another thing to take into consideration is sun protection, so you can also pick an SPF tinted lip balm, isn’t it perfect? Applying not only a hydrating formula but a protective one!

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          3. Apply lip liner

          Applying lip liners will help to define the shape of your lips. Although, it might be tempting to skip this step from your routine, don’t! Lip liner will provide a solid, tacky base for your lipstick or even lip gloss.

          4. Apply your perfect lip shade

          Use the perfect color of lip shade according to your skin tone and undertone,  which we already taught you to do.

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          We have the right lipstick shade just for you!

          So, next time you wonder “what color lipstick should I wear?”, be sure to experiment and try different colors so you can find something that complements your skin tone. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. 

          Additionally, make sure to pay attention to the rest of your makeup – finding ways to complement it will make a huge difference in how you feel wearing the colors considered fashionable in any given season. Now more than ever, it's important to find products that suit not only our style but also our skin tone and complexion. 

          In Asian Beauty Essentials you’ll get the best of the beauty world! We have the best colors of lipsticks for different skin tones and shades, so take advantage of them! Go on a journey of self-exploration and discover what works best for you when selecting the lipstick for your skin with us!

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