BTS Face Point Mask ft. BT21 KOYA (Rap Monster)

Size: Single Mask
Sale price$7.00


For those who are ready to say bye-bye to their dull and dry skin, say hello to the BTS sheet mask collection!

 Introducing Rap Monster's cute and brilliant character, Koya from the BT21 universe. These face point masks were formulated to supply moistures and give the skin a glowing effect after use.

You can buy the mask solo or buy the pack with a collectible book mark and print inside.

Each individual pack contains 4 X 20ml small mask sheets designed to target different areas on your face. Enriched with seawater ingredients that improve skin hydration giving a dewy complexion and spirulina platensis extracts that contain vitamins A, E, protein, and beta carotene promoting faster cell renewal and acting as an antioxidant that eliminates toxins in the skin.

 Why try these sheets? 

The sheets are small koala shaped patches that help target dry, rough, dull areas in the face. With small patches, these masks can specifically target the affected spot with concentration, generating faster results. You can even put as much or as little as you want, plus it’s super easy to use and is more manageable compared to the regular face sheet sizes.

 What are the benefits?

Specially formulated ingredients are used to guarantee results after use. These cute patches are soaked in seawater that instantly hydrate the skin and promote glowing effects. Other extract ingredients that can also help to brighten up dark spots while keeping skin firm and healthy are added as well. 

About the character (Koya) - Koya, who represents Rap Monster also known as RM from the BTS boy group, is a gifted sleepyhead known to be a brilliant and multi-talented koala bear. This cute blue character is one of BT21 group members. The project is a brand concept from LINE FRIENDS CREATOR and the award winning boy group BTS. It was launched in 2017 and is widely adored worldwide for its charming designs, unique concepts and thoughtful story. 

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